Honma Beres09 Hybrid / Herren (NEU)

/ UT for High Trajectory and Take Close Aim at the Pin

Sole thickness and CG flow design for each club. Achieve stable direction performance and straight line. Optiomal CG design for each club for aiming for the green in any situation.

/ Tungsten weight

Enhanced draw bias by placing 14g weight (inclueded screw) closer to the back heel.

/ Uneven Thickness Face & Crown

Improved repulsion performance by thinning the face and crown. Furthermore, the repulsion area has been expanded. (Compared to previous model)

/ Designed Specifically for Each Club

Sole thickness and CG flow design for each club to achieve ideal trajectory.

/ Adopt the industry’s first high-strength carbon sheet. -ARMRQ FX Shaft-

The ARMRQ shaft has evolved to allow for easier contact and higher trajectory. This time, we purposely reduced the number of axises, which have increased with each model change, to reduce weight*, while maintaining strength by adopting a highly elastic 70t pitch for the fibers. This makes it possible to reduce weight, make the flex more, set the kick point closer to the hand, and place the balance point closer to the head, achieving high reproducibility „straight-line“. *17% lighter than the previous model for the fabric.

※Metal Hybrid 5-axis sheet
High-strength material laminated with highly elastic 70t pitch on the back side of the aluminum metal shaft. Since shaft winding requires special technology, this is the first seat in the industry that was made possible by HONMA’s highly skilled craftsmen.

Kick point close to butt for enhancing stablity of direction.
The kick point is slightly closer to the hand than the previous model, resulting in a more stable swing trajectory and more accurate shots. In addition, the flexibility has been improved and boost distance performance.

The lighter shaft allows the head to accelerate further at impact.
Head balance has moved to tip compared with previous model by new lighter shaft, and it allows to increase distance.

/ Depend on the grade, the performance of the shaft increases.

All grades use the carbon fiber Torayca® MX series prepreg developed by Toray Industries, Inc., which has both high compressive strength and high modulus of elasticity. Furthermore, by HONMA’s technology adjusts the shaft structure and materials used to match the grade, the higher the grade, the better the distance performance and directional stability ※Torayca® M40X(Used over 3S)
It is characterized by new material „shape memory performance material“ whitch is significantly improving the rate of  increase of high-modulus carbon. Compared to T1100G, it has outstandinggshape retention function and good match for extention and reinforcement.
※Torayca®T1100G(For all grades)
High performance prepreg is the material that HONMA adopted for the first time in the industry and now it widely used in other brands. Achieved both “high elasticity and high strength”.


The kick point is placed slightly closer to the bat, making it easier to time the swing, suppressing unnecessary spin, and utilizing the flex of the shaft to increase flight distance with a high trajectory. It makes easy swing and leads to stable shot by increased reproducibility.


The high-elasticity TORAYCA® M40X, which pursues the ultimate in both fiber strength and elastic modulus, provides superior playing performance that efficiently accelerates head speed without waste, while at the same time suppressing torque and improving stability.


The kick point is designed closer to the tip to further improve H/S. At the same time, shaft crushing, and torque are further suppressed, increasing initial speed and stability.


From the 4S grade, the bias layer has been further strengthened to generate strong torsional return power. This is an ultra-premium shaft that achieves the ultimate flight and stability.


This is recommended for seniros and low swing speed players who cannot swing or increase distance with the regular ARMRQ FX/R flex, and female golfers who feel that regular ladies‘ clubs are underspec.