Honma Beres Aizu Eisen / Herren


/ Beautiful Traditional Japanese „AIZU“ Lacquer Design

The premium BERES brand provides world-class quality and performance, and now collaborates with the traditional Japanese AIZU lacquer, originating in the northern part of Japan close to the Honma Sakata factory.

/ 3D L-CUP Structure(#5-#9)

High repulsion performance due to the 3D L-CUP structure and sole slots improve the initial ball speed. A thicker sole design ensures the ultra-low center of gravity to deliver a high launch angle.

/ Sole Slot

The inside and outside sole slots generate high repulsion, and the  outside toe slot provides high repulsion performance on off center strikes at toe end.

/ Face Structure

Repulsion performance is improved by reducing the thickness of the iron face, and vertical slits reinforce the impact area to provide strength and durability, delivering forgiveness and a stable shot

/ Optimal Cavity Structure

By enlarging the lower part of the cavity, an increased deep low CG design is realised.
By progressively changing the cavity design by loft, the ideal trajectory for each club is achieved.

/ Original Shaft -ARMRQ MX-

The newly developed „10-axis sheet“ material consists of 4-axis aluminum and 6-axis carbon material.
High compression strength and by adopting „ARMOR“ on the bat side, a consistent swing trajectory is realized.
Furthermore, the counter balance design effect improves the swing speed.
By increasing the strength of the shaft sheet, it is possible to produce accurate shots with a constant swing path.

/ Performance by Grade

As the star level increases, the stability on off-center strikes increases.

/ Performance by Grade

The shaft accelerates the head speed at impact in stages, by adopting different materials for each grade.