Honma Beres Fairwayholz / Herren


/ Larger sweet spot increases ball speed off all parts of the club face

A slot positioned near the leading edge of the sole of the driver flexes at impact to create high initial ball speed and prevent power loss on shots struck away from face center.

More repulsion to minimize power loss on mishits

The hot spot is also rounded and expanded to provide increased trampoline effect even on balls that aren’t hit off the center of the face.

/ Optimize

Crown is made thinner to 0.48mm. This saved weight allows us to optimize CG design.


The new ARMRQ shafts are made in Sakata Japan using the most sophisticated materials in the industry.
Multi-axis Metal Hybrid Armour fiber technology visible below the grip increases strength under the hands and provides counterbalance to increase swing speed.
For 3S grade and above new high strength, shape memory Twist Fleuret material is used to increase energy transfer to increase your distance potential.
5S grade shafts have additional bias plys of T1100G material the full length of the shaft to improve recovery and provide the highest opportunity to increase your distance.
All grades of thenew ARMRQ shafts feature a high smash factor profile with a softer mid-section.

※Shaft image is ARMRQ 47 3S Grade

/ Metal Hybrid Armor Technology

A new 7-axis material consisting of 2-axis aluminum and 5-axis carbon weave increases
compression strength to reduce ovalization in the butt for increased stability. This also creates an
additional 5 millimeters of counterbalance for increased swing speed.

/ Performance by Grade

ARMRQ Grade :
As star level increases, the stability on off-center strikes increases.

/ New ARMRQ Contact Image by Grade

To this point, ARMRQ shafts differentiated only in consistency and appearance across star levels, but with the new ARMRQ, the higher grade you use, the greater distance performance you will achieve through an increase of swing speed. The higher the star level, the longer you’ll hit it.